Ol'Garage Out Back

Come On In and Bee Transfigured, Bee Groovy,  in the Twinkling of an Eye, In Heaven, by lighting the Flaming Fire upon the Altar, Renewing The Tabernacle of YOUR Anointed Mind!

Let’s find an Ol’Garage Out Back so WE CAN Build that Ol' VW BUS!  Then … go on a Marvelous Mystery Tour of the USA!

with The Glory Studio Inside!

Ya’ll Bee Groovy Now!  YeHear!

.  .  .  but what does The Ram ask this day?

.  .  . What Could a HEMI BEE 

mEan iN this Day & Time?

Heaven's Everlasting Moments INSIDE!

.  .  .  and MOPAR?

Mighty Ones Patient Aggressively Righteous!

Let them ALL CrossOver & Become Overcomer’s, Yea, Each & Everyone! Like a Free Bird Released upon The Heart that Has BEEn Caged for Far to Long.  Let US Stand together for The Kingdom of Light NOW & EVERLASTING @ Each Ones Treasured Moment in, OUR Mighty Father, YeHoVaH’s Perfect Time!

Come, Mighty Ones and Let’s ROCK then ROLL Across this Treasured Land, with Yeshua’s Everlasting Glory, HIS BLOOD FLOWING THROUGH US with Grace Freely Given Again & Again UNtil the Fullness of 70 X 7 Comes iN!

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