Sonshine Superman!

Logansport, LA - Home of The Sonshine Superman!

All Our Brother’s, anointed with Power & Grace, receive Your MysTery, for the world has been blinded  by the Ash Upon their Face.  Haight Ashbury - Bee Groovy!

OUR Game Changer, Kenneth Harvey, is number 42 on the Top Right Corner!
The veil that YOU SEA is 1 44!  Awake!!! Arise!!! The 
Bridegroom, Yeshua, is about to APPEAR!

and HIS REWARD is with HIM!

Come & Testify as a Faithful Witness, declaring The Blood that flows through your heart!
Crossover the Bridge as an Overcomer in The Kingdom of Light!

Watch & Listen closely for the SeaBee’s near the END!
Take the Journey along side the Sabine 
River down by the Sandy See Shore, Cypress & Myrtle Trees .  .  .  Yea, The Beach of ForEver More!

Can’t come to the SEA, the JewEL, between Texas & Louisiana?  Then Bee Groovy with US in the middle of
Love & Haight,

San Fransisco, CA - Home of The Hanukkite Warriors of Silicon Valley!

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