First Post

Well Sports Fans,

This is finally it….sorta.  LOL!   We’ve ordered all the parts, some have arrived, but with a 70 Chevelle SS 454 and a disassembled Leaf in our garage there’s no room left for Red.   Those other vehicles belong to the owner of the house I’m renting.   Perhaps a Way to get RED closer sooner than Sept. 23, 2017 will suddenly appear, that would be great.  I’ll be sharing our Livestream, Vimeo & YouTube recordings on this blog or rather Glog - aka GodLog - God Experiences while in and around the Groovy People and their V-Dubs!  It makes me think of this song … I hope the richness of the seed finds moistness and favor soon.

Nothing is Impossible With A Little Help from Friends & God.

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