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Greetings Mighty Friends!

The days are fast approaching when the judgement of the house of G-d will begin to manifest upon the earth.  As these things begin to appear before your eyes the Chariot of Fire will begin going out on the highways and byways inviting all those that will come to the wedding feast of the lamb.  We are still building up the mobile TV studio unit.  We took it over to Maki’s Temple Land to test and record Yom Teruah, Feast of Trumpets.   …

First Post

Well Sports Fans,

This is finally it….sorta.  LOL!   We’ve ordered all the parts, some have arrived, but with a 70 Chevelle SS 454 and a disassembled Leaf in our garage there’s no room left for Red.   Those other vehicles belong to the owner of the house I’m renting.   Perhaps a Way to get RED closer sooner than Sept. 23, 2017 will suddenly appear, that would be great.  I’ll be sharing our Livestream, Vimeo & YouTube recordings on this blog or rather Glog - aka GodLog - God Experiences while in and around the Groovy People and their V-Dubs!  …

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